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A qualified professional must do sewage-disposal tank cleansing as well as pumping. By doing this, you obtain high quality work as well as long lasting outcomes. If you require trustworthy septic pumping in Annapolis, MD, call Annapolis Sanitation.

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Generally, you should pump your septic tank every two to five years. But, it is advisable to pump your tank as often as necessary. The major factors that determine how often you should pump a septic tank are:

  • The scum and sludge levels in the tank
  • The amount of water you use in your septic system
  • The number of people living in your home

Your septic tank is the primary place for wastewater treatment on your property. It separates solid waste from the water. This process allows the effluent to flow to the drain field for treatment.

The solid waste can build up in the tank if not removed regularly. Eventually, it drains out and clogs your drain field. Repairing the clogged drain field can be expensive.

Wastewater treatment experts advise against using tank additives. Additives can cause excessive breakdown of solid wastes. This waste could flow out of your septic tank and clog the drain field.

You can pump your septic tank yourself. However, you must ensure you have the necessary equipment and proper place for disposal. Not many people have the experience necessary to do this properly.

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